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This is how we do things (BDC Meeting)

BDC Oath Taking (Feb 23,2015)

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"BDC Speech"

Greetings! To start, I’d like to say that I feel glad being part of our Barangay Development Council Today, I plan to share my perspectives on some of the challenges facing our community. Challenges that measures the ability of our leaders, measure the strength, endurance and unity of our community. This is an era of wondrous opportunity. Our role is to provide a sustainable development plan which it will benefit the majority of our community Yet the pressures on people and the community are building: youth without jobs; increasing crime rates; unresolved conflicts, Graft and corruption, a warming climate, Local and National Issues that may affect our progress. Events are moving with twenty-first-century speed, often outpacing the institutions and systems. In streets and each square across our community, people are demanding immediate attention those in power. They want you, the leaders, to listen. They want to know that they are doing all it takes to secure a life of dignity for all. Year 2015 has been our long horizon. What once seemed a distant moment is now just around the corner? 2015 is the year by which we open our heart and mind for transparency and pledged to achieve our Development Goals. It is the year in which we will create a new development agenda for the welfare of our community and its society and environment. 2015 is a historic opportunity. The BDC (Barangay Development Council) must capture the imagination and generate a remarkable gains and beat back doubts about development itself. Yet on some goals, Inequality is growing. Still many people face poverty from streets to each household. A new development agenda must be as inspiring as the BDC, while going further. It must be universal, with ending poverty as its top priority, sustainable development at its core, and good governance as its glue. It must find expression in a single set of goals. And there should be no hierarchy among the three dimensions of sustainable development — no deferring the environment or social justice for later, once economic growth is assured. The empowerment and rights of youth must be at the heart of everything we do. The equation is simple: When youth are healthy and in school; when legal frameworks and financial access support the youth; when youth’s lives are free of violence and exploitation, nations thrive. I would also add that I believe in the quote of Gat . Jose Rizal Youth is the hope of the people, let us show them a good example, cherish, protect and preserve, promote and encourage them to the right path. Success also requires more from the private sector. Business needs the space to do what it does best: create jobs and innovate. But business must be carried out ethically and responsibly, with full regard for the environment. The impacts of climate change threaten all our development gains. The rising human and economic toll affects everyone. The community’s poorest and most vulnerable people, who are being harmed first and worst There is opportunity amid this peril - a chance to change the way we do business, plan our community, light our homes and fuel our factories, and move our goods and ourselves. Proper Waste Disposal and ‘ May Pera sa Basura “- a path that can create jobs and improve public health while safeguarding the environment. Let us seize the 2015 challenge: a final push for the Development Goals, new directions on environment and climate, and an inspiring new development framework. We must leave no one behind. Now let me turn to the biggest peace and security challenges, there is no denying that there is increase of crime rate in which even you at home having a good sleep is not safe from any form violence, that you walking on the streets are not safe, stray animals threaten people, illegal parking of private and public utility vehicle that sometimes being use as a hideout for illegal purposes .illegal gambling and illegal drugs are spread throughout the community in which sometimes the youth are engage in this kind of activities . Let us take this as a challenge, a challenge to change our community into a healthy one, Let us use our self as an instrument of changes We must always aim for excellence in serving our community, our barangay and pour out all our hearts and souls in order to achieve our goals and standards . We should start it out to ourselves, in our family and then, into our neighbours and surrounding. You in your home, and we here together, are at a privileged pinnacle. We must prove ourselves fit for purpose. We must listen to the just demands of the peoples and hear the call of history. We speak often of hope. Our duty is to turn hope into action, through hard work, commitment, skill and integrity. With passion but most of all with compassion, we can build the future our people want and that our community needs. I thank each one of you for your leadership and strong commitment. Let us build our community better for all. Let us shape our future where everybody can live harmoniously with peace and dignity. Thank you!!!


isang munting istranghero , ano nga ba’t isip ko’y nililito di mapakali, sarili ay natutuliro sa isang matamis na ngiti mula sayong pisngi isang paaanyaya na hindi ako makatangi pilit mang iwaksi ako’y naging saksi na paisip, napatanong sa sarili ano nga bang ang nag yari sa isang kaganapan, ika’y walang kalabanlaban biktima ng karahasan hustisya nassan lugmok sa kawalan, sa iyong kamusmusan ano nga ba’t ika’y hinusgahan Ramdam ko, batid ko ang nais mong iparating sa munti mong tinig puso ko’y na antig bagabag sa iyong kalooban nais kong pakinggan nag babakasakali na ika’y matulungan na sa isang simpeng pagyakap, pag lingap ng magulang ay iyong makamtan!