Saturday, November 6, 2010

explosion( if you are easily offended please turn around now, otherwise continue reading with your dirty mind)

I grip tight to her hips

while dizzy wheels skid around the corners,

She glides above me

in the back of an ambulance

wrapped in bandages with an oxygen mask on.

Our driver accelerates

making the city lights blur red

and blue dance bright on her back

I barely hear her moan through the sirens.

We burst through the traffic measures & road blocks,

plastic cones squashed

like ants under slabs of concrete.

A bridge ascends ahead

and we’ve got a jump to make.

My eyes glare back through the windscreen

everything’s upside-down,

the safety signs smile the stars crumble to earth.

A rocket hits us

and we explode between the gap in the bridge

a wonderful spectacle

a graceful fire-work blown up into a ball of flames;

medical supplies and love.

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