Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sep 14 best day ever

What an extra ordinary day!
3 cups of coffee; man it really wakes up.
3-5 pcs of buttered biscuit; darling do I’m still breathing.
4 litters of water; yes I’m alive.
5 stick cigarettes; babe you’re smoking hot
12 hours; my head is floating!
720 minutes; this is insane!
43200 seconds; dude I’m going crazy.
Is this how it feels like! Is this the symptoms!
Hey! You! Man up there, are you punishing me?
Yeah I know I’m a stupid jerk but this is not pair.
I’m been humiliated by these tine insects around me,
I’m devastated I’d try to get rid of them but it wasn’t that successful.
Hey! Listen do you hear that, no not my mouth my stomach.
I’m such a douche; I wish I knew that this day will be this pathetic,
Before I start thinking that I was a superhuman but I was wrong.
I’m weaker than I thought, I’m fragile and I’m just a human being.
I have feelings, I have needs, and I’m starving!
Dude! Come on! Please! Rain me some food!

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