Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sep 14 best day ever

What an extra ordinary day!
3 cups of coffee; man it really wakes up.
3-5 pcs of buttered biscuit; darling do I’m still breathing.
4 litters of water; yes I’m alive.
5 stick cigarettes; babe you’re smoking hot
12 hours; my head is floating!
720 minutes; this is insane!
43200 seconds; dude I’m going crazy.
Is this how it feels like! Is this the symptoms!
Hey! You! Man up there, are you punishing me?
Yeah I know I’m a stupid jerk but this is not pair.
I’m been humiliated by these tine insects around me,
I’m devastated I’d try to get rid of them but it wasn’t that successful.
Hey! Listen do you hear that, no not my mouth my stomach.
I’m such a douche; I wish I knew that this day will be this pathetic,
Before I start thinking that I was a superhuman but I was wrong.
I’m weaker than I thought, I’m fragile and I’m just a human being.
I have feelings, I have needs, and I’m starving!
Dude! Come on! Please! Rain me some food!


How can he heal the world if our own wounds remain painful and unforgettable?

They say “time will heal” but I said “no it isn’t”, because in every pain there are wounds,

If there is wound it bleeds and soon it will become scar, a mark that will always remind you how foolish, eager and careless you’ve become! Our life can be cure by one heart, our heart can be heal by one soul

Our soul can be purified by one faith.

In every trial and every fall there is a lesson to learn; in every success there is something to gain.

Time may pass, people passed by, some choose to stay and some were eventually gone. I don’t know! Will I just passed by too or will I choose to stay and stay forever? If only I could go back? Will i able to do what I’ve missed. Will I able to fulfill my dreams and satisfy my cravings? If I had a time machine do I have the right to secure my future and make things right? If only I could I’ll took the risk just to check, not to change, whatever the outcome whenever it was. “What is done is can not be undone” only time will heal, time will reveal and time will set us free! I never picture my self that I can be in the right time but in the wrong place or in the right place at the wrong time. I think destiny lead us there because we have a purpose; we have an important role to portray, we have a lesson to learn, but do we have the right to refuse in whatever the so called destiny lead us?

Our life can be miserable, hope can be crushed and dreams can be shattered!

Love can make us blind, laughter can make as deaf, pain can make us numb and anger can make us mute. Are you brave enough? There no such thing as failure, instead it is an early attempt to success!

In a mere situation, sometimes we don’t know what to do, we panic and we rush then we slept and fall.

We don’t even know where to go and whom we should depend on! Whom will we call in times of trouble and in times we’re lost! I’m lucky because I have my family and friends or is it that they are the lucky once because they have me! Sweet! No! Seen this way it is cycle, a system, a bond, that connect each and one of us not only by names nor only by number or in color but in mind and in hearts! The difficult of life is in the choice. We choose but can we manage and make the best of it, or when the time that we can’t handle situation we throw it all away and wasted the opportunity that rarely come to those who wait with faith and work with wisdom! They are few and they are out of numbers I’m referring to those who are blessed enough not only with good fortune but also countless opportunity. Yes! Indeed life is a little bit unfair but we have the power to change destiny we have the right to dream and we have the ability to work on it. We all have something in common, I can call these a weapon that may protect or destroy us, and it only depends on how we use it, freewill; that is what I’m talking about.

Now look inside and listen to your heart! Feel it, think of it, work with it, and set a goal, it is up to you whether it is a short term or long term but make sure you can achieve what ever it is! Use your mind analyzed, ask your self when, how, where to start with. There are a lot of possible outcome in what ever decisions we made. There are a lot of options, choose only what would be the best for you, chose the path that will make you a well being, who is responsible enough and brave enough to stand again and not afraid to accept failures. Be contented on what ever you have right now because sooner or later they’re gone and replace with a better one. Leave your life to the fullest and no regrets, make it wonderful and worth remembering. You’re on your own now. You have your own freewill. Start you own journey and make your own destiny!