Sunday, December 7, 2008

bolante i need your answer

It should not happen if?For some reason I have a lot of questions to ask to the former Department of Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante. I myself have this unsettling feeling that I can’t figured what it is because I have this question that need to be satisfied.
What happened and where is the P729-million fertilizer fund?
People were searching for the answers and seeking for the truth.
There are a lot of accusation have been made against the current regime.
The anti-administration believes that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo uses the fund to support the administration ticket during the May 2004 election.
If this accusation is true and the perpetrator has been proven guilty regarding his/her anomaly then he/she must face the wrath of the dying Filipinos.

This regime’s mismanagement of the fertilizer fund resulted in massive importation of rice and unstoppable nationwide dropped out of the students. The government has its eyes on wrong or lesser priorities. We are forced to import close to a million metric tons of rice and youth labor. I appealed to concerned government agencies to concentrate more on improving local rice production and to enhance the great eager young mind of the youth and implement an effective land reform program and educational system to revive the country’s agricultural sector and brighten the future of our mother land.

In the past, our local rice industry used to be the backbone of our country’s economy. With our rice technology, we were helping other countries to produce rice. The countries the Philippines used to help, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Pakistan, have surpassed Filipinos in rice production. The central Luzon was formerly known as the “kamalig ng bansa” it itself can feed the entire nation if we gave a chance to our farmers to cultivate and focus on rice production there is no need to import rice instead we can export.

We have the idea of better and brighter tomorrow that can inspire the world. We have a numerous inventions develop by our students but they’re not given a chance to manufacture these excellent idea instead these idea engineered through perspiration is being sold in the multinational companies and foreign investors. They are the one who will reproduce and sold it to our country in this manner we are stew in our own oil.

If these landlords and government officials were not as fascist and feudal as they are there will be no demonstration to be held in the countries famous streets and landmarks. We cannot afford another Mendiola massacre or another EDSA bloodless revolution just to bombarding this regime’s priority to focus in our economic progress.
“Today, ironically, even lamentable, because of unsatisfactory production of rice, lack of credit support for our rice farmers and infrastructure development, our farms cannot support the needs of our growing population and the hunger mind of our future.

The government should not rely or make rice importation a permanent policy since this will open more doors for possible corruption, instead of helping the poor. Also we need to have a concrete program that will sustain the development and enhancement of our future mind.

We will have rice on our tables, but only for those that can afford to buy at P18 per kilo. We will not only have limited rice, our people will also have limited buying power. We can go to school but only for those who can afford the high tuition fee. But limits are there to be broken especially if we gave enough time to our peasant in boosting our dying agricultural economy and a lot more budget in our education instead of massive corruption the kills the hope of our sinking nation.

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