Monday, April 28, 2008


guess, almost all of us, are waiting
for that perfect someone who will
sweep our feet of the ground... lucky
for those who have found them... too
bad for those who have not, count me

some of us may have found it at their
first time, but mostly, went through a
lot of pains and heartaches, to learn,
to unlearn and to finally meet that
special someone...

i used to question, why can't we fall
in love to only one person in our
lifetime, and that person is really
the one meant for us... but then, that
was a lousy idea of destiny i guess..

because, we fall in love twice, thrice
and so on, just to go on with life...
i symphatize to those who chose to end
their lives as their love dies... but
i am not in the position to question
their choice, maybe i might do that
too in the future, right??? i'll just
cross the bridge when i get there...

we may have different poersonalities,
we may have different outlooks in
life, we may cope differently from
each other.

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