Monday, April 28, 2008

my only poem

There’s a riddle in every line,
Thinking what’s really on her mind.
Feeling so deep, yet so divine
Love, a hope that will be mine.

So sweet and so tender,
On every hearth that who may hear
Life on a dying ember,
A Mona Lisa’s smiles to her dear.

How does life is filled with mystery
Is a brainteaser on every reader.
Veins that is full of desire
Only death may entomb to mine.

Some Friends Are Forever

Sometimes in life,
you find a special friend:
Someone who changes your life by
being part of it.

Someone who makes you laugh
until you can't stop;
Someone who makes you believe
that there is really good in this world.
This is forever friendship.

When you're down,
and the world seems dark and empty,
your forever friends lifts you up
in spirit and makes that dark and empty
world suddenly seem bright and full.

If you find such friend,
you feel happy and complete
you have a forever friend for life!


no tittle i forgot

Higher than the sky above you
Clearer than blue
Brighter than the rays of sunshine
Warmer than what you feel
More than all the wonders you see
It's the most wonderful thing

Brighter than the living colors of
flowers you see
Sweeter than the touch of water
Flowing from the mountain spring
More than all the wonders you see
It's the most wonderful thing

One love...
I love you so
Love is the beautiful one
I love you so
Love is the beautiful one
All we need is love
Real love

Marvel at the sight of greenfields
Amazingly seen
Watch the colors of the rainbow
It's a miracle you see
More than all the wonders can be
But there's more than that

One Love...
I love you so
Love is the beautiful one

Greater than what you can feel
More than what you ever dreamed
This is better than your everything
One love...

I love you so
Love is the beautiful one

All we need is love
One love

You First Believed

How many times did I pray
You'd find me
How many wishes on a star
Gazing off into the dark
Dreaming I'd see your face
Safe at home unafraid
Captured in your embrace

So many times
When my heart was broken
Visions of you
Would keep me strong
You were with me all along
Guiding my every step
You are all that I am
And I'll never forget

It was you who first believed
In all that I was made to be
It was you looking in my eyes
You held my hand
And showed me life
And I've never been the same
Since you first believed

There were times
When I'd thought I'd lost you
Fearing forever was a dream
but it wasn't what it seemed
Placing your hand in mine
You could see in the dark
You were guiding my heart

How many times did I pray
You'd find me
How many wishes on a star.


guess, almost all of us, are waiting
for that perfect someone who will
sweep our feet of the ground... lucky
for those who have found them... too
bad for those who have not, count me

some of us may have found it at their
first time, but mostly, went through a
lot of pains and heartaches, to learn,
to unlearn and to finally meet that
special someone...

i used to question, why can't we fall
in love to only one person in our
lifetime, and that person is really
the one meant for us... but then, that
was a lousy idea of destiny i guess..

because, we fall in love twice, thrice
and so on, just to go on with life...
i symphatize to those who chose to end
their lives as their love dies... but
i am not in the position to question
their choice, maybe i might do that
too in the future, right??? i'll just
cross the bridge when i get there...

we may have different poersonalities,
we may have different outlooks in
life, we may cope differently from
each other.

how do i breathe

How do I breathe
How do I breathe mmm mmm..
Feels so different being here
I'm so used to being next to you
Life for me is not the same
Theres no-one to talk to
Don't know why I let it go too far
Starting over it's so hard
Seems like everywhere I try to go
I keep thinking of you
I just had a wakeup call
Wishing that I never let you fall
Baby your not to blame at all
When i'm the one that pushed you away
Baby if you knew I care
You never would’ve went nowhere
Girl I should have been right there

How do I breathe
Without you here by my side
How will I see
When Your love brought me to the light
Where do I go
When your hearts where I lay my head
When your not with me
How do I breathe
How do I breathe

Girl I'm losing my mind
Yes I made a mistake
Thought that you would be mine
Guess the joke was on me
I miss you so bad I cant sleep
I wish I knew where you could be
Another dude is replacing me
Girl this cant be happening
I just had a wakeup call

tormented doll

Liar of a priest, What could you want from thee, is it so
hard to see, I will not believe, the truth it sours, inside
you hide your head, the contradiction, I curse your life
with dread,
Your dead to me, your light is greed, leave me alone, to
the unknown, I have to leave, the best to be, beyond his
gates, without his grace. [Lead]
In torment in hell, uncontrolled and casting spells,
plotting death and suffering, binding souls with misery,
burning Christians begging pleas, satisfy my need to
bleed, trample on the lambs of god, bow before thy lord
Stay away from god; find out that you are, human deity,
born to be deceived, You worship cowards, a cross for
which he bled, no more empowered, the light of god is
I fell from god, his word begot,
unearn his faith, the lord replaced, Heaven is hell,
flesh is the cell, the earth I take, return to hate

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Maybe its like the air that blows
Flows on every morning
Maybe its like the water
That slowly dropping
Like the rain
Liquid then on the earth it is kissing
Like those bluish wonders
Maybe the clouds
That are soft and with amazing color
Red maybe
Where those mountains are full of colors, like red
Its nonsense maybe
To say all this
But to describe an angel of love
Of a goddess
What does it takes of words?
Even I can’t imagine how great that to even stroke of words was
Of letters of anything to imagine a goddess breathens’
I’m guessing its when she walks
When she that lady of goddess sits besides me
And the air was playfully speaking to see
To words they are forming
From her hair to her skin
To her eyes
To her skin
To her simplicity
Their I saw it within her I know
It was when she just looks at all things for her to see
When she simply she
Another was when that lady
Brown on her skin
She was lovely
She breaths like heaven too
But far it is to see
To imagine it would be that so low to say for sake of this
But today it was that air to her hair
That one beauty
She breaths like so lovely purely
An angel like from the heaven wand like
Wand like from a magical site
Her smell was like new
Fresh and cold
Green and so much of sense to unfold
Maybe she was from the mountain of pureness
That never on this land could sense that one
That one, that lady with angel like one
She was the first one was simply standing
And by far I am I could see to her eyes
Her eyes was speaking like, watch me as I breathe within this eyes of mine
Then it was there on bold she breaths like that
Like the morning drops and a sun shine
Like a fresh rain
Where she was speaking and from there she was simply her
Being her was when she breathed
Simple yet soundly
Fresh and purely
Like the green
Where those green grasses are being froze
By a one moment of rain
From heaven
Where she was the goddess of rain
Then this lady another beauty
She was walking towards where she might be
Her hair was flowing
From there the air was to my sight talking
I am breathing
With this flow I am glowing
From there I’d sense her’
It was her hair
That smells of her air to the air
That how she was when she does, that lady.
Another lady a kind of goddess that are wanting to flee
Flew away high maybe
To wander to any sight
Or just simply to get or wanting a attention from any passer by or lookers stand by
That lady simple another simple kind
Yet her smell of her hair
Or maybe from her fresh perfume
It was there when that certain smells finally float to the air from the air cold of that place
Place on such it was on the circle of everything
Where everyone was busy doing their own things
And I was there doing mine
Rational to say, straight, logic and all that to anyone just to belong to rhyme
Where everything is moving and her I simply see that
Those smell that sense of her from moving to one
To one to anyone
To maybe get that smell of her which is on the colorless air was on the run
Confusing these words is now
But that moment that certain happening was deep and hard to say for a line of how’s
And I know it’s her
When she does that, it simply sense
I sense
To the air
They sense
To her eyes I sense
To her movements
I sense to anyone to movements
To motions
To anything I sense
Sometimes it is really insane
Or to say out of her out of explanations for one to understand
But it’s something a part of therapy of science for my kind
Or whatever this is, its my own breathed and that I breathe
A part of that breathing is remembering
Like right now I am thinking
Of one lady,
To think, whom I love now, not on my blood
But to a romance kind
Whom I love?
I can’t figure out
But I am thinking
I am left behind
I breathed, but I am a little out of it
I am on the past thinking
This world has a lot of beauty for a romance
So to say who, I’m in love for a romance
I love every human kind eye
Yes I love every eye I’ve seen
To where they are talking
But to be specific I am in love with whom to run?
These lines are far to granted my own wishful wish line
I am not the one; I lose my breathing on this one
To go back tomorrow maybe to her I would see
That goddess
To know how is she
How was she
That white pure beauty
A more than words to see
A more than words to flat on any surface to write
A more than this
A more than the magical thoughts I could ever sense or deep think
A more than this
More than any letter to start to begin with
To say ah that’s how an angel breathed
And today this lady has on my sight talks about new fresh air
On which she was on the yellow beauty
Wearing those from her skin
Beauty and eyes
As if it was talking to my sight
She voices her words
and spoke for a quite time to count how
looking at her was like looking to my own eyes
simply she was very kind, her beauty was like the one whose dancing
on those of top mountains
where she was trying to come down to the desert and be alone but with someone else
and in about two or three few split words there
I’ve known, I’d felt it was her she was simple yet more
Pretty I say and breathed of an angel one like
Wanting to float to that high on those of clouds above from heavens above
The other were mist I saw
That beauty were my eyes stuck into
That one lady she has that eyes of unique kind
She smiles with her white teeth and it was plain yet
Yet it was moving
It felt like I was walking in a moon
Where there were plain of green
And her on the other side of that
On earth she was living
Then this lady with those eyes with the skin of a cared most
Gentle on looking
Yet her eyes were talking
And on the books she was finding
She was simply looking for something
But her, seeing her there
On that place sitting
And was there that beauty
It was like from far I could hear her beating
Of her heart that is beating or pumping of blood
Then breath to her nose
Then her is so lovely simple and lovely
Just like the one passer by lady
With smell like I cannot find
Or sense I might
It was again like the mountain top
That smell of her of her breathed was like
And now, I remember the one who’s sitting behind me
The pink lady
But I cant I can’t write deep linings to that simple yet tempting beauty
To know her breathing is to like her in a way of knowing
So I would rather choose to stay at the front and guess at her
And she, she was always there, simple as her
I know that lady has more of what I see
Even on sense it is plenty
She is simple a quite kind
One that is made to stay is, above that breezy air of the greens
And it is lovely to know them for a day
To see them to hear them those are moving gracing thing
That whenever I see them
I could always say “ I know that lady and yes she breathed like this to me”
And now I would probably know
How it was, how it is, how it is now to see and gaze
That beauty, that beauty that only happens
When one breathe she could, and she did, she breathed
Breathed like something like those of the air
That keeps on flowing, or gracing even dancing, call it whatever you want to be
As long as it is moving
Then there that lady, breathing, and breathe
That’s how she is
When she breathed

verses for a battered woman...

perturbed and trying to find comfort
in that solitary room…
all she wanted is to bury her face
in that warm soft pillow.

her heart mourns in silence
for the bruises and wounds
inflicted unto her battered body.

and with her shattered dignity,
her essence as a woman painfully craves
for the fragrance
drawn out from the flowers of human respect.

she keeps on asking…
until when she will suffer?
will there ever be time
for mending a broken heart?
will there be place for forgiveness?
for healing?

hatred is now a cloud
shrouding each rays
of her once unconditional love…
and as she hears his dreadful voice
at the other side of the door,
her tired bleeding heart
had shut every emotions connected to him…

that door will no longer be opened.

and to a jaded, tuckered heart…

there's freedom in letting go.

lUst IS YOur Last

I the angry and the desperate
Never have you till then
You made your self-close

You intimidator
Make me desperate
Provoking, hatred

Selfish hoodwink
You only heed for what you feel

As I show my existence
You never care what it was

What kind of mortal are you?
You evildoer, monster at my bed
You are the great nightmare of my life

You bring me self-pity
As you know that am craving for you
You put your self on forward

Never thinking I was there
You only see me through out your

I hate you
Finest word to say

I hate you
My body is on tremor
Angry, slowly coating my soul

My teeth gnashing
Coz of pain you've left

No sounds
Heart palpitate
Reminding me that am still breathing

This will be kept
As I know you


over the street of iraq

Sirens wailing, the countdown has just ended
Sounds of warning, your troops are ready to invade
Above the sky, from nearby sea and all across the borders
Your war against humanity a looming hell we see

Death is crawling as the world is raging
To countless innocents you are a dreadful dream
Familiar sights of wasted lives in wars and waged unjustly
You have no right to take our lives
You don’t have any authority

Our lives is not your toy
The world’s not yours to own
The arrogance you’ve shown
An act we’ll not condone
Under the cloak of peace
You surfaced like a beast
Over the streets of Iraq

dont talk about freedom

Melancholic cry, howling through the wind
Loud ripping sounds of sorrow
Many shattered lives, many ravaged homes
Downed by fierce invasion

Hell is breaking loose, you devil wildly moves
With your classic brand of deception
With your usual gab and your thirst for blood
You’re acting as the liberator

But you can’t cover your atrocities
You’re a well-known monster under the cape of peace
You’re slaughtering Asia and the Middle East
South America and the rest of the world
You’re taking away everything
So don’t talk about freedom

light a candle

A minute of silence for Eden
A moment of silence please
The pain in our heart
Turns into tears of sorrow

Another life falls to the ground
Worthy gift to remember
Another reminder for you and me
Struggle for peace must be won

Light a candle, light a candle for peace
Let love and justice glow
Light a candle, light a candle for peace
Let its radiance reign in our land

Now is the time, this is the day
Later on is too late
This is the moment to rise up and move
Light a candle, light a candle
Light a candle for peace

oh god.

She fears for the lives of her parents
She fears for the lives of her friends
She trembles when she hears a blast from a distance
“Oh, God! When would this war come to an end?”

As the battle rages around her
She lights up a candle to see
Beside her, her mother gasping for breath
“Oh, God! When would this war come to an end?”

“Oh, God! When would this war come to an end?”
“Oh, God! When would this war come to an end?”

This war she learned from her father
Is a war between greed and righteousness
Would it help if you keep on asking the question
“Oh, God! When would this war come to an end?”

Scared as she was
She stands to her feet
Knowing that the culprit is profit and greed
Resolved in herself the question
“Oh, God! When would this war come to an end?”

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Isipan ma’y napapagod din
Sa pagiisip ng mga kataga
Na magsasalarawan ng tunay na nadarama ng puso ko

Ngunit nang ika’y dumating
Ang aking isipa’y biglang sumigla
Ang mga titik at himig ay tila di mapigilang agos ng batis

*Sana sa tuwina’y kapiling kita
Sa paglikha ng mga awit ng paglaya
Sana’y laging kasama kita
Sa pagsasalarawan ng buhay

**Sana sa tuwina’y kapiling kita
Sa paglikha ng mga awit ng paglaya
Sana’y laging kasama kita
Bigyan natin ng kulay ang buhay

Dahil mithiin ay iisa
At ang katuparan nasa ating pagpapasya
Ang ibig ko lamang ay narito ka
Katuwang at kasama sa pagkilos

Dama ko ang lumbay at saya
Sa saliw ng aking gitarang dala
Hatid ay pagibig sa bayan na di kailanman mapapantayan

[Ulitin *]

[Ulitin **]

Sana sa tuwina’y kapiling kita

ikaw ay sapat

Umaawit ang puso ko
Naglalakbay patungo sayo
Dumadalaw man ang nakaraan
Sa piling mo ay handang maghintay

* Kahit malayo, panahon ay salat
Ikaw ang kulang na sa aki’y sapat

** Pagka’t ikaw ang pagibig kong tunay
Sa ating sumpa ay tapat
Pagka’t bahagi ka ng aking buhay
Kasama sa paglayang hangad

Pagibig ko’y di magbabago
Magtagal man ang digmaang ito
Ating pagkilos at pagmamahal
Anong alab ma’y handang magbigay

[Ulitin *]

[Ulitin **]

Pagka’t ikaw ang pagibig kong tunay
Sa ating sumpa ay tapat
Pagka’t bahagi ka ng aking buhay
Kasama sa palayang ganap

Kahit malayo, panahon ay salat
Ikaw ang kulang na sa aki’y sapat

i could have said

i have seen so much faces
as i walk to my age
but there's someone i can never compare
you have the eyes of compassion and the voice of the truth
for you are born in the midst of the struggle
something makes me feel this strange
somehow i long for you...

as i've been watching you from the day till night
you were singing the songs of the people
and the echo resounded to my thoughts, to my soul
to my music, it ever continued
something makes me look at you so differently
somehow i wanted to be...beside you

as thousands march the streets and the red flags were waving
we were along side the oppressed and disheartened
you have vowed not to leave them as we get all the beatings from a state that doesn't care
but you..made it clear to me
you made me feel these sweet things of freedom

i've been thinking of you,
a beauty so perfect, you are one with the struggle of the people
but before you have left to the hills and the mountains
i wish i could have said
i love you...ohhh...
i love you...i love you...

as i've been watching you from the day till night
you were singing the songs of the people
and the echo resounded to my thoughts to my soul
to my music, it ever continued

as thousands march the streets and the red flags were waving
we were along side the oppressed and disheartened
you have vowed not to leave them as we get all the beatings from a state that doesn't care...
you made me feel, feel, these sweet things, these sweet things of freedom
sweet things of freedom!(3x)

Monday, April 21, 2008


Isang araw ako'y nadalaw sa bahay tambakan
Labinglimang mag-anak ang duo'y nagsiksikan
Nagtitiis sa munting barung-barong na sira-sira
Habang doon sa isang mansyon halos walang nakatira

Sa init ng tabla't karton sila doo'y nakakulong
Sa lilim ng yerong kalawang at mga sirang gulong
Pinagtagpi-tagping basurang pinatungan ng bato
Hindi ko maintindihan bakit ang tawag sa ganito
Ay bahay

Sinulat ko ang nakita ng aking mga mata
Ang kanilang kalagayan ginawan ko ng kanta
Iginuhit at isinalarawan ang naramdaman
At sinangguni ko sa mga taong marami ang alam

Isang bantog na senador ang unang nilapitan ko
At dalubhasang propesor ng malaking kolehiyo
Ang pinagpala sa mundo, ang dyaryo at ang pulpito
Lahat sila'y nagkasundo na ang tawag sa ganito
Ay bahay

Maghapo't magdamag silang kakayod, kakahig
Pagdaka'y tutukang nakaupo lang sa sahig
Sa papag na gutay-gutay, pipiliting hihimlay
Di hamak na mainam pa ang pahingahan ng mga patay

Baka naman isang araw kayo doon ay maligaw
Mahipo n'yo at marinig at maamoy at matanaw
Hindi ako nangungutya, kayo na rin ang magpasya
Sa palagay ninyo kaya, ito sa mata ng Maylikha
Ay bahay

Sunday, April 20, 2008

hikbi sa PAYATAS

Pulutin mo
O! munti kong anghel
ang mga pangarap na pilit mong hinahabi
dito sa kandungan kong tigib ng

Hanapin mo
sa naaagnas kong bisig
ang tinatanaw mong bukas.
Baka sakaling di pa ito
tinatangay ng mabahong hangin...
kasama ng nagliparang papel
na di na masasayaran pa ng pudpod mong

Kalkalin mo
ang katuparan ng kanilang pangako;
baka-sakaling makalahig mo ito
mula sa nakabalot na dumi ng tao,
na tila utot na nililitanya
ng mababahong bibig ng mga pulitiko.

Silipin mo
ang kalayaan mo mula sa gutom.
baka-sakaling nasa loob
ng kahon ng mga sapatos
na hinihimlayan ng naaagnas na fetus,
ang pagkaing sa iyo'y magpapabusog.

Langhapin mo
ang hanap mong karapatan.
baka-sakaling ituro sa iyo
ng usok na pumapailanlang...
o ng umaalingasaw na bangkay
nina ate at kuya na pilit nilang
dito...dito sa humihikbi kong
(silang mga tinaniman ng punglo
upang di na pangarapin kailanman
ang kinabukasan para sa iyo na pilit
nilang isinisigaw)

Ipunin mo
O’ pagod na anghel…
sa inuuod na sako ng iyong kamusmusan
ang basag na bote ng iyong mga pangarap
ang kumakalansing na lata ng iyong
ang nadurog na garapon ng paslit mong
mga ngiti.

Isakay mo…
sa pamamagitan ng naglalangib
at sugatan mong palad
ang lahat mong agam-agam at mga
sa nanlilimahid na kariton
ng kawalang-katiyakan at madilim mong

Itulak mo...
itulak mo papalayo ang lahat mong
sa lipunang ito na wala ng malasakit.


Hindi sa iyo
kundi sa naglingkisang sakong
ng mga nagpapakupkop
na bagamundo’t maton;
doon ko nais hanapin ang sagot sa

kung sadya nga bang
ang mga patay-sinding ilaw
sa poste na sa kanila'y iyong itinutuon
ay liwanag ang hatid,
o isang paanyaya sa laksang patibong?

Sa lumang diyaryong nakabunton,
may sagot ka kayang maibubulong,
sa dahilan ng kalahating idlip
ng tuliro nilang isip na di maipikit?

Sa kumot na papel ng kanilang bagabag,
sa balabal ng kahungkagan nila't gutom,
sa gutay na diwa nilang nagsusumbong,
doon ko nais hugutin ang wastong kataga
na magpapalubag sa mga hinanakit.
Sa mga kimkim na sumbat at galit
na isinisigaw ng nagdedeliryong lamig
sa banig na karton na gula-gulanit.

Hindi ikaw,
kundi sila ang nais kong kausapin.



Palakasin at aliwin.

Upang kahit paano'y patuloy pa silang
sa gahiblang kawing ng mga pangarap.
Umamot ng pandugtong sa hininga
kahit man lang mula sa lagkit ng usok
na ibinubuga ng mga tambutso sa iyong

Kahit man lang sa itim na tubig
mula sa kanal ng kanilang hikahos na
magsusumiksik ang pag-asa
sa mga ukab ng hinihigan nilang

Katubusan nila'y di-kailanman maiaasa.
dahil wala sa iyo, Avenida...
nasa kanila mismo ang kanilang pag-asa.


From changing to stopping
From a glance to a hateful staring
With a word of meaning

Things has grown from everything to nothing
Shadows that was to be walking
Now they are there on black’s hiding

The laughter that could be anywhere be
Is gone with her taking
And with the words of joy left sad sorrowing

That feeling that I hold the earth
When it moves when all are bold
Now helpless am I and on my own world
being cold

The echoes that surrounds my universe
Has turned soft backing up to my own verse
That whatever it would pledge to say,
would turn back to me as a curse

Leaving things old
As is of molds
No life, love is sold


curtains down, dim the sun
i lay on the sheets
and you walk over
my velvet lover
with a smile meant just for me

and time lost us for a moment
as i lost myself under you
time lost us for a lifetime
and left us sated, through and through

curtains down, dim the sun
block the world from view
as skin to skin and on the verge
our needs conversing, we gently merge
as endless as the afternoon

when time lost us for a moment
and you lost yourself in me
time lost us for a lifetime
pleasure in your mysteries

curtains down, dim the lights
as i lay on moonlit sheets
and you, my lover
roughly discovers
all my secrets you would keep


loathsome are her deceitful smiles.

I detest myself for being enslaved,
easily enticed
by her chocolate-coated kindness…
by her empty promises.

captivated so easily,
she came to me like a whirlwind;
with a love so tempestuous…
and yet so destructive.

she left…
and darkness embraced
my once gleeful life.

now I’m wondering…
until when will I find solace
from staring at these autumn leaves?


If i could simply be
the thing that
I would wanna be,
I'll be happy to be the rain
that endlessly
pours down on you.
So i could kiss away the tears
which flows down
from your cheeks.

I shall come to you
with a promise
not to be tired
of drowning out,
of washing away,
and of melting
those bricks of emptiness;
and those walls of solitude
which you had built in bitterness.

But sadly,
I cannot be that rain;
for I have my own tears
which falls down on my cheeks;
also waitin' for some rain
to be drowned and washed away.

I could but sigh in pain
for i have nothing to offer.
Only a heart
which could share with you,
could cry with you,
in your sadness...
in your pain.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blonde and blue-eyes

When I was little, I wanted what many
Filipino children all over the country
wanted. I wanted to be blonde, blue-eyes
and white. I thought – if I just wished
hard enough and was good enough. I’d
wake up on Christmas morning with snow
outside my window and freckles across my
nose! More than 4 centuries under
western domination does that to you. I
have 26 cousins in a couple of years
there will just 15 of us left in the
Philippines, The rest will have gone
abroad in search of “green pastures”
it’s not just an anomaly, It’s a trend,
the Filipino DIASPORA. Today about 8
million scattered around the world.
There are those who disapprove of
Filipinos who choose to leave. I used
to. Maybe this is the natural reaction
of someone who was left behind, Smiling
for family picture that get emptier with
each succeeding years. Desertion, I
called it, my country is a land that has
perpetually fought for the freedom to be
it self. Our heroes offered their lives
in the struggle against the Spanish,
Japanese, and Americans to pack up and
deny that identity it tant-amount, to
spitting on that sacrifice, or it is? I
don’t think so, not anymore. True, there
is no denying this phenomenon aided by
the fact that what was once the other
side of the world is now 12 hour plane
ride away but this is a borderless
world, where no individual can claim to
be purely from where he is now. My
mother is of Chinese descent my father
is a quarter Spanish and I call my self
a Filipino – a hybrid of sorts resulting
from a combination of cultures.
Each square mile in the world is made of
people with different ethnicities with
national identities and individual
personalities because of these each
square mile is already microcosm of the

Seen this way, the Filipino DIASPORA, or
any sort of dispersal of population, it
is not as ominous as so many claim, it
must be understood. I came from a 3rd
world country, one that is still trying
mightily to get back on its feet after
many years of dictatorial ship. But we
shall make it, given more time specially
now when we have thousand of eager young
minds who graduate from college every
year they have skills, they need jobs,
we cannot absorb them all.

A borderless world present a bigger
opportunity yet one that is not so much
abandonment but an extension of
identity. Even as we take, we give back.
We are the 40,000 skilled nurses who
support the United Kingdom’s health
service we are the quarter – of – a
million seafarers mining most of the
worlds commercial ships, we are your
software engineer in Ireland , your
construction workers in the Middle East,
your doctors and caregivers in North
America and your musical artist in
London’s west end.
Nationalism isn’t bound by time or
place, people from other nation migrate
to create a new nations yet still remain
essentially who they are. British
Society is it self an example of a
multi-cultural nation , a melting pot of
races, religions, arts and culture. We
are indeed in the borderless world
Leaving sometimes isn’t a matter of
choice it’s coming back that is, the
hobbits of the shire travel all over
middle earth , but they chose to come
home, richer in every sense of the
world. We call people like this “balik
bayans” or the returnees – those who
fallowed their dreams, yet choose to
return and share their mature talents.
In a few years, I may take advantage of
what ever opportunities come my way. But
I will come home, a borderless world
doesn’t preclude the idea of home.
I’m a Filipino, and I’ll always be the
one. It isn’t about just geography it
isn’t about boundaries it is about
giving back to the country that shape me.
And that is going to be important to me
than seeing snow outside my window on a
bright Christmas morning